1. b and the nothingness "old news"

  2. Working Poor! The Bicycle Day Recording Company Compilation Vol. 1

  3. Solipse "Laughing At or With"

  4. Horse on Fire "Angels Don't Drop Bombs/War War War War/Nobody.Nobody.Nobody Is Asleep"

  5. CHRISTOPHER CLIMATE CHANGE "I put that owl there when I was born"

  6. Everything You've Ever Known "King of What?" EP

  7. Giant Mountain Box Band "Bitawbagok"

  8. The Modern Spirit "Radical Indiana"

  9. Everything You've Ever Known Blah Blah Blah "Besides" (B-Sides, Lost Songs, Misc. Shit That Makes Me Embarrassed and Sick to My Stomach)

  10. Les Amoureux "Owl Song"

  11. Solipse "Compendium 04"

  12. Les Amoureux "Blockadia"

  13. Mister Frederico "GARBAGE TIME" EP

  14. Work's "10-12-1980"

  15. /det/ "Another Chicago Homicide, Sunshine!" [Single]

  16. Ballo!o!ga "Suturing the Beats"

  17. Everything You've Ever Known is a Piece of Light "O" [Single]

  18. The Long Nights Moon "The Yellowwood Dream"

  19. JjOoHhNn "That Eagle on the Moon EP"

  20. Field Tripp "Les Is Mormon"

  21. Genre "Scrape Your Voices on the Stars" EP

  22. An Madra "10 Years of War in Iraq, 10 Years of Anti-War Protests" [Single]

  23. Olives at 3 A.M. "The Wander Years"

  24. Genre "The Weepy Omelette EP"

  25. /det/ "Drone Memo Confetti"


  27. Mt. Ti' Swaq "SḰEḰEL"

  28. JjOoHhNn "Pasta Parts"

  29. Benn Salem "Planet Der Kinder"

  30. Loaded People "Magicant"

  31. Loaded People "Swimmy"

  32. Everything You've Ever Known is a Piece of Light "A User Friendly Guide to Summer"

  33. Benn Salem "Dragging Our Feet EP"

  34. the bomb speaks undocumented humans arkestra "sound gatherings with collective investigation"

  35. Mal Mariee "Au Revoir Et Bonne Nuit"

  36. Everything You've Ever Known is a Piece of Light "We've All Got Mouths to Feed/We've All Got Secrets to Keep EP"

  37. Teenage Archives / Pre Bicycle Day Songs from Suburbia [Archives, 2001-2005]

  38. Burn Us Noir "Nirvana Sucks" [Archives, 2003]

  39. Ruby's Love "The Painter's Eye" [Archives, 2002-2003]

  40. December Strikes Back "Demo" [Archives, 2001]

  41. "If you feel compelled to donate, you can do so here, but we highliy advise against it. Donate to the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests, the ACLU, the SPLC, Planned Parenthood, etc."


The Bicycle Day Recording Company Chicago, Illinois

Artist-run independent record label based in Illinois & Vermont. Releasing free digital albums since 2012.

It will eventually be all formats available for free. We ask kindly that you not pay for or sell any of our releases. If you would like a copy of something we will find a way to get one to you. Thanks.
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